Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Topix Craps on News 2.0

Is this a joke? Rich...come on man. First, it's always a good idea not to dog your competitors publicly. Second, I love how you mention that Topix is the most successful site in the category...jeez, I wonder why you think that. Third, please don't make assumptions about what other companies are doing. You don't have a clue.

Oh yeah....if you think News 2.0 is such a farce, then why do you partner with companies like us and bloggers to get their content into your system.

You know I have always been a fan of what you guys do...but this is seriously ridiculous.

n the wake of the latest We Media event last week the usual round of self-flagellation by a group of attendees is occurring.

David Cohn wishes We Media was an unconference. Scott Karp acknowledges that media companies need to make money, but bizarrely refers to that as an "idealogical agenda". A BBC exec calls it groundhog day. The staid Mark Glaser even throws a few rocks (one at me!), with a big pile-on in his comments to boot.

Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin put on a solid show. They make a real effort to have the panels interact with the audience. This is not easy -- you get 200 people in a room for 90 minutes, how much interactivity do you really expect? But they managed to pull it off and the results were far more successful than many other panels I've been on. They also get really amazing attendees. Major publishers, tons of senior media execs, a dozen startup CEOs, VCs, Pulitzer-winning journalists, and an eclectic spectrum of media spinners like documentary filmmakers, artists, social activists, and the like to keep the cocktail mixer from getting too businessy and boring. If you can't find someone interesting to talk to at this thing, it's not the event's fault.

So what's the problem?

The problem is that the hopes that Dan Gillmor raised for the media industry in his book -- which kicked off this whole business -- have largely failed.

Tremendous excitement followed the publishing of Dan's We the Media (the conference's namesake). It accompanied the trumpeting of a new model of media by the newsy press, and the rise of blogs with attendant breathless hype.

Unfortunately, after doing the author's victory tour, Dan then attempted to put his ideas into practice in a business venture. I suppose there is some due credit for having the courage to cross the line from a long career as a newspaper journalist (observer) to become a startup founder (participant), and try to prove the viability of his alt.media business plan outlined in the book.

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